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Below you will find a list of exercise routines (workouts) that we have developed and named in recognition of our most valuable, loyal and outstanding clients. These clients who we call Eagles, have contributed to the successful business that is - Rush Hour Australia.

There are certain performance standards that are required when performing these routines to ensure accuracy, fairness and consistency in the workouts, however, we encourage you to try some of these workouts in your spare time and see how you compare.


Kelli-Marie€“ AMRAP (3mins)

10 x mountain climbers, 10m sprint

Named after Kelli-Marie Moses for her long service to Rush Hour






G.I George - AMRAP (For time)

50 x Donkey Kick Push Ups

Named after George Isaac for being a role model for his generation.






Wehbe - AMRAP (3mins)

10 x jump squats, 40m sprint

Named after the extensive Wehbe family for their long service

Best: 303 reps

Name: Robert Ghalloub

Date: Cycle 4 2011



Beattie - AMRAP (4mins)

20 x high knees, 10 x release push ups, 40m sprint

Named after Carolyn Beattie for the brilliant weight loss effort to date 47kg






The Boomerang - AMRAP (4mins)

40m shuttle

Named after the people that left Rush Hour because they thought training somewhere else could be better but were bitterly disappointed and came straight back to the originals and the best.






Fox - AMRAP (5mins)

10 push ups, 10 x wrists sit ups, 20m sprint

Named after one of Rush Hour€™s Trainers






Amine - AMRAP (4 mins)

6 x air squats, 10 switch lunges and 4 x push up claps

Named after Amine Bechara for loyalty, consistency and tremendous weight loss results






Chich €“ AMRAP (for time)

30 military burpee, 10 x 40m

Named after Jamie Wehbe for initiating the first ever Parramatta training group, turning his life around and for his long service, guidance and support and outstanding results.






Jafta €“ AMRAP (for time)

4 x 50 air squats and 400m sprint

Named after Anne Wehbe for her contribution, feedback and support since 2007

Best: 15mins 42sec

Name: Jamie WEHBE

Date: 18th Aug 2011



Oh No €“ AMRAP (for time)

1km Doyle Ground

Named after al the people that whinge about the 1km time trial

Best: 3:03

Name: Ray Younis (T)

Date: Cycle 7 2010



Early Birds - AMRAP (for time)

50m travelling lunges and sprint back for time.

Named after our crazy 6am class

Best: 58sec

Name: Ian Clancy

Date: Cycle 4 2011



Rizky €“ AMRAP (3mins)

10 push ups, 10 high knees

Named after Anthony Rizk for turning his life around

Best: 187 reps

Name: Emma Alchik

Date: 163reps



The Eagle €“ AMRAP (5mins)

10 lateral hurdle jumps

10 release push ups

20 skips

20m touch sprint

The Name says it all. This will test you.

Best: 373

Name: Billy Fox (T)

Date: Cycle 4 2011



Originals €“ AMRAP (for time)

60 high knees, 60m touch sprint

50 high knees, 50m touch sprint

40 high knees, 40m touch sprint

30 high knees, 30m touch sprint

20 high knees, 20m touch sprint

10 high knees, 10m touch sprint

Named after the handful of people that started with Rush Hour at our very first training session in Feb 2007; some of which are still training with us.




Ferg Stewart €“ AMRAP (for time)

3.2km Parramatta Park

Named after Ferg Stewart for his consistency and inspiring effort at training

Best: 11:45

Name: William Fox (T)

Date: Cycle 3, 2011


The Moka €“ AMRAP (5mins)

10 military push ups

20 star jumps

Named after Rhonda Mokdassi who is the all rounder. A benchmark of commitment, loyalty and support, also an original since Feb 2007.






Jasmine €“ AMRAP (5 mins)

30 Skips

30 air squats

Named after Jasmine Rosza for her long service and dedication to assisting the deaf clients of Rush Hour Australia

Best: 324 reps

Name: Sami Karam

Date: Cycle 4 2011



Ghalloub €“ AMRAP (for time)

1km x 8kg Squat Swing Step

Named after the Joe and Rob who still turn up and train with intensity, living on 4 hours sleep a night :-)

Best: 49mins 45 sec

Name: Jamie Wehbe

Date: Cycle 4 2011



 Tony €“ AMRAP

1min Skipping, 1 min Air Sqauts, 1 min Chest Push Ups, 1min Sit Ups (elbows to knees)

Named after Tony Abboud for his outstanding commitment and consistency at training in the 5pm class

Best: 276 reps

Name: Brett Campbell

Date: Cycle 5 2011




Mums €“ AMRAP (For time)

500 Skips for time, 10 sqauts or 10 chest push ups every 50 skips (you don't have to do squats or push ups at 500 skips)

Named after all the mums with a weak bladder from pregnancy and labour.

Best: 5mins 20 sec

Name: Carolyne Beattie

Date: Cycle 5 2011